We are a small family company, working with our main product - Lexin. The head of our family/company is Petr, Agnes is his wife and at the same time Head of the Office and Josephine - their one-year-old daughter - is responsible for the mass around the office when she feels like pulling things out of the shelves.

Petr is responsible for the sales management, field trials and research as well as negotiations and exhibitions. Agnes works mostly in the office and takes care of the books, marketing issues and general organization. Josephine tries to help her.

Petrs CV as well as feedback to his person is available on the platform Xing.com.


Lexin is a czech product and has been successful on the Czech market since 2008 and since 2011 on the Slovakian market. After a very good feedback from the Czech market, the mother company started their expansion to Slovakia as the ex-Czechoslovakian country.

Thanks to these very good results and positive references, Petr Hájek founded the company Power for Plants for the markets in the West, North and South European countries as well as the Middle East, Australia and Oceania and North and South America.

The first version of Lexin was mainly developed for the crop hop, but after intensive research and adaptation of Lexin the second version of Lexin is now suitable for all crops. Actually it is suitable for everything that is green and grows. In the Czech Republic, the R&D team is still doing intensive research for developing further agents. Collaboration, development and testing took place with the academic community, one of which was the CULS (Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague), which played a major role in this development.

About Lexin