Lexin® is a universal stimulator for growth and productivity that can be used for all field and garden fruits. Lexin® acts as a plant stimulator, fertilizer and soil improver. This not only increases the yield and the quality of the treated field and garden fruits, but also improves the soil structure and quality with prolonged treatment.

Originality and uniqueness of the effect of Lexin® lies within its unique structure. Lexin® is the liquid concentrate of high-molecular humic acid and low-molecular fulvic acid which, amongst other functions, fulfills the donor function for the main component - synthetic auxin. One component of the compound are the humic substances, which belong to the main components of the humus soil and significantly affects the fertility of the soil.

Lexin® influences the total energetic and material metabolism of plants and thus also their productivity. Lexin® stimulates cell proliferation and separation. It also supports the differentiation and formation of vascular bundles and thus has a positive effect on the permeability of the cell membranes. This in turn stimulates regeneration, plant growth, the assimilation and utilization of plant nutrients. A higher chlorophyll content is being produced in plants, the productivity of photosynthesis is increased and assimilation is promoted.

Lexin® has a very positive effect on the soil by improving the physical and chemical properties (porosity, adsorption, exchange characteristics, etc.) and thus promotes its production capacities. A relatively high content of fulvic acids and other low-molecular acids stimulate the activity of microorganisms and their beneficial effect on the soil.

Conversely, the high-molecular humic substances reduce negative effects and absorption of toxic compounds into the plants. Furthermore, the resistance to the harmful effects of heavy metals, pesticides and other stress phenomena is improved. At the same time, Lexin® contributes hugely to improving the environmental situation, quality of life and safety of the entire food chain.